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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Photos Craft?

Personalized Customer Support

Photoscraft is a ‘boutique’ custom card company. We are smaller than some of our competitors such as Snapfish & Kodak. Because of our smaller size, we are able to offer a much more personal ordering experience for our customers. There is a human involved in processing your order; you’ll get to speak to a LIVE person if you have any questions about your order. We know who you are; you are not just a number to us.

Our Ordering Process is NOT automated

Many of our competitors use an automated system where your order is processed without anyone looking at it until it is ready to ship. We DO NOT have an automated system. Every order is reviewed carefully by our customer service team. We will contact you if your photo(s) do not meet our specs, if there is any missing information on your Order Form or if we have suggestions or questions regarding your order. We will also do minor editing, cropping, color adjustment and removal of flaws from your photo, if we deem necessary OR if requested by you. We want to ensure that your photos print as nicely as possible! We are also happy to customize your order if you have any special requests (i.e. you’d like additional photos printed on your cards, you’d like background colors changed in the card design, etc.)

Option to Create Your Own Card from scratch

Although we offer dozens of unique Designer Cards (pre-designed card layouts) like our competitors, we also offer the option for you to Create Your Own Cards (cards that you customize from scratch), which most of our competitors DO NOT offer. To Create Your Own Cards, you select  size & color, Flat vs. Folded card. You select a Photo Border for your photo, the Font for your greetings, the greeting for the Front and/or Inside of your cards, & return address imprinting on your Envelopes (all of these features are optional). The result is a truly unique, one of a kind card!

Quick Turnaround Time

Proofs are sent approximately 1-3 business days after your order is received & your order is shipped approximately 1-3 business days after you approve your proof.

Mailed Proofing Option Available

The majority of our competitors offer only an emailed or online proofing option. In addition to offering an emailed proof, we also offer a MAILED proofing option.

An online/emailed proof is a great way to view & make sure you are happy with the layout of your card before your order is printed. It is recommended if you have seen samples of our cards, have ordered from us before or are in a hurry to get your cards (especially during our holiday season). However, receiving a MAILED proof allows you to touch & feel the cardstock & see how your photo looks printed on the cardstock you have selected.

*Mailed proofing option is available for most cards; small fee applies.

Preferred Payment Option

Almost all of our competitors require payment in full at the time you place your order; we don’t. You are charged a non-refundable Order Setup Fee of $30 when we receive your order. Once you approve your proof for printing, you are charged the balance (your Grand Total MINUS the $30 setup fee already paid). Should you decide to cancel your order, you have no further financial obligation.

Free Design Customization & Photo Enhancements

We will do minor editing, cropping, color adjustments & removal of flaws from your photos, if need by or requested by you so that your photos print as nicely as possible. Also, our Designer Cards (pre-designed cards) are not ONLY available as seen. Most can be customized, to incorporate your unique style into your cards! We can change the Font Type or Color, the background colors in the card design, add additional photos or make slight alterations to the design layout.

Placing an Order

There are 2 different TYPES of cards you can order. You can order one of our CREATE YOUR OWN Fine Art Cards OR one of our DESIGNER CARDS.

Our CREATE YOUR OWN cards are customized from scratch by you!! You select the  size & color, Flat vs. Folded card. You select a Photo Border for your photo, the Font for your greetings, the greeting for the Front and/or Inside of your cards, & return address imprinting on your Envelopes (all of these features are optional). The result is a truly unique, one of a kind card, completely customized by YOU!

Our DESIGNER CARDS are pre-designed card layouts. We have dozens of designs to choose from. You select your card design, cardstock & size. You can also customize your order with your own personal greeting on the front &/or inside of your cards, Envelope Return Address Imprinting, Rounded Edges (on Flat Designer Cards) & more. This is a great choice if you’d like a card that is more stylish & decorative.

You can place your order by completing our Online Order Form & either uploading your photos after completing your Order Form, emailing them separately or mailing your photos or CD/DVD. You can also download & print our Order Form & submit via mail

Once we receive your order, our Designers will create your Card Layouts & will email or mail your proofs to you within 1-3 business days (for Emailed Proofs) or 3-5 business days (for Mailed Proofs). If, after having received your proof, you would like any changes, your changes will be emailed to you within approximately 1-2 business days. Once your order has been approved by you for printing, your order will be shipped within approximately 1-2 business days via the Shipping method of your choice. *Holiday Season Turnaround times 1-2 business days

Downloand Order Form

What's included?

Included with your card order, at no additional cost, are the following:
• Scanning of your photo (if photo is mailed to us)
• Minor editing, cropping, color adjustment and removal of flaws from your photo.
• Conversion of your color photo into a black & white photo, or color or black & white photo into a sepia photo.
• For our Create Your Own Cards, you select the Photo Border/Edge which is placed around your photo.
• A Greeting printed on the FRONT of your cards.
• A Greeting printed on the INSIDE or BACK of your cards
• Your Logo &/or Studio info (for professional photographers) or ANY text imprinting on the back of your cards
• Matching envelopes
• One Electronic Proof
• One Electronic Proof Revision, if needed

What's additional?

The following services are available at a small additional cost (see below or Price List for details):
• Additional photos printed on your cards (beyond the number of photos included in the card design selected).
• Return Address printing on your envelopes.
• Mailed Hardcopy Proof
• Additional Proofs or Revisions beyond the 2 included ($15 per additional revision or proof).
  *Making a small revision, such as a small text change, will most likely NOT have any additional fees.
• Photo editing deemed as more than minimal editing ($25 minimum fee; $25 per each additional half hour).
• Rush Your Order & receive it in ½ the normal turnaround time.
• Specialty Envelopes – Upgrade to one of our Foil Lined Envelopes
• Pre Ship Envelopes – have your envelopes shipped early.
• Printing of “Mail To Addresses” on the front of envelopes
• Rounded Corners (instead of standard pointed corners) on Flat Designer Cards

Proof Options

You have the option of receiving either an Emailed Proof or a Hardcopy Proof via Mail. When time permits, Mailed Proofs are highly recommended to guarantee your satisfaction with your cards. However, Emailed Proofs are our most popular proofing method & are recommended during our Holiday Season.

Rush Your Order

In a hurry to receive your cards? Receive your order in half the normal turnaround time.

Rush Fees are $25 (Jan 1st – Oct 31st) or $50 (Nov 1st – Dec 31st).

Orders can only be Rushed when requesting an Emailed Proof.

Image Guidelines

For the best results & the highest image quality, always submit your original, largest size, highest resolution digital file.  The recommended minimum file size is a 1000x1500 pixel JPG or TIFF file saved at 300 dpi in a 4x6’ or 5x7” size. We cannot guarantee high quality output if your images are submitted at a lower resolution or as poor quality.

Although we can enhance your photo by doing minor editing, we cannot improve images that are provided to us as poor quality. This includes images that are out of focus, too dark or bright, low-resolution or pixilated.

Online Submission

The easiest way to send your photo/files to us is to upload your files after you submit your Online Order. When you have completed your order form, you will be prompted to click on a link to upload your files. * Each file should be at least 1000x1500 pixels & saved as 300 dpi JPEG or TIFF file.

Emailing your photos

You can also email us your photo file(s) if you’d like. Make sure your files are at least 1000x1500 pixels and saved as a 300 dpi JPG or TIFF file.

Scanning Your Photos

If you are scanning your photo(s) in preparation to email them, scan your photo(s) at 300 dpi and save them as uncompressed JPEG files in 5x7 or 4x6" size.

Mailing your photos

If you are mailing your photo(s), you can send either an 8x10” or smaller photo or a CD/DVD with your files. Make sure your files are at least 1000x1500 pixels & saved as a 300 dpi JPEG or TIFF file.

Sending a Hardcopy Photo versus a Digital File

We realize that most people only have digital files or have the easiest access to their digital files so sending digital file(s) is absolutely fine. Just follow the Image Guidelines above.

Keep in mind, however, that we cannot guarantee that the color you see on your monitor when viewing your proofs or photo files will exactly match the colors printed on your cards. They will be close, but not exact. This is because every computer monitor is different so colors will appear slightly different from one monitor to the next. If you are concerned about the printed quality of your photo, we recommend that you request to receive a Mailed Proof versus an Emailed Proof. When time permits, we also recommend that you request a Mailed Proof if you have never seen samples of our cards or if you have not ordered from us before.

If you have a hard copy of your photo & time permits, we recommend that you mail your photo to us. The best way for us to match the color balance, brightness, skin tones, saturation, etc. is if we have your original photo to use as a guideline (we will return your photo to you).

We'd be happy to send you some complimentary samples!

If you would like to see the quality of the images we produce and/or the paper we use, we'd be happy to send you some complimentary samples.

Request Samples

Payment options & requirements

We accept U.S. checks, Visa, Master Card

If you are paying by credit card, the first $30 will be billed upon receipt of your order. Once you have approved your proof, the balance will be charged.

If you are paying by check, you must mail in your order. Our online Order Forms only accept credit card payment. Your check for the entire amount of your order must accompany your order.

Download & Print Order Form

Domestic Shipping

Shipping costs vary depending on the number of cards ordered, your shipping location & the shipping method you select. Your shipping options & costs will appear at the end of your Order Form but we have also included the costs below for all Domestic Orders of up to 250 cards.

Please contact us for a Quote for orders of more than 250 cards.

  Delivery Time 25-99 Cards 100-149 Cards 150-250 Cards
CT, DE, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT        
UPS Ground Next Bus. Day  $10.00  $10.00  $12.50
DC, MD, NC, OH, SC, VA, WV        
UPS Ground 2  Bus. Days  $15.00  $15.00  $15.00
USPS Express Next Day  $30.00  $42.00  $45.00
AL, FL, GA, IA, IL, IN, KY, MI, MN, MO,TN, WI        
UPS Ground 3 Bus. Days  $15.00  $15.00  $15.00
USPS Priority 2-3 Days  $18.00  $18.00  $20.00
USPS Express Next Day  $35.00  $45.00  $52.00
UPS Ground 4-5 Bus. Days  $15.00  $15.00  $15.00
USPS Priority 2-3 Days  $18.00  $22.00  $25.00
  (3-4 days - AK & HI only)      
USPS Express Next Day  $42.00  $48.00  $52.00

Cancellation fees

Any orders cancelled after your Order Form has been received are subject to a non-refundable Order Setup Fee of $30. Should you proceed with your order, this $30 Setup Fee is applied towards your Grand Total.

What is your return Policy?

If we make a mistake based on the information you have provided, we will correct it, replace your order & send the corrected order to you via overnight mail. However, you must first send your defective order back to us for review (we will email you a UPS shipping label) before we can reship your corrected order.

You are NOT entitled to a refund if your cards are printed with incorrect information provided by you or if you approve your proofs with an error included in the proofs.

If you are not happy with your order, once received, & neither of the above 2 scenarios apply, you MIGHT be entitled to a partial refund. All return requests are treated on an individual basis & the decision to approve or not approve the return is at the discretion of management. You must first ship one of your cards back to us for review (you pay for shipping). Once your individual card is received in our office, your issue will be reviewed by our staff & a determination will be made the same or next business day.

If we do not authorize your return, we will return the card you shipped to us.

If we authorize your return, we will issue you a ‘Return Authorization Number’ & you will be issued a refund, minus a 50% Cancellation Fee. You must ship your entire order back to us (you pay for shipping) & your refund will be issued within 14 days after we receive your returned order. Please make sure you include your Return Authorization number in your package.

Please do not ship your completed order back to us BEFORE your return has been authorized or if your return is NOT authorized. We WILL NOT accept your package unless you have been issued a Return Authorization Number.

We can custom design a card especially for you!

If you do not see a sample of the type of card you would like, we can custom design a card especially for you! Contact Us with your specific theme or ideas. There is a minimum charge of $25, and then $25 for each additional half hour. Most custom orders take about an hour to design.

Other Important Information & Policies

• Our cards are printed photo paper used laser printer for best quality
• All photos, CDs/DVDs, etc. will be returned to you with your order.
• Images are reproduced to our best judgment.
• Pricing is subject to change.
• Photoscraft can make any adjustments we deem necessary to color balance, sharpness, brightness, contrast, etc. in an effort to get the best quality printed image that most closely matches your photo.

Permission to Use Photos

MR Foto Store is committed to protecting photographers copyrights and expects users of our service to do the same. Each image submitter is required by US law to own the right to, or to obtain permission to, use any image before the image is uploaded or printed at MR Foto Store. (This permission may be included in the form of your wedding or other contract) At Photoscraft discretion and in appropriate circumstances, Photoscraft may cancel an order placed by a client who infringes upon the intellectual property rights of others. Your physical or electronic sharing of your images constitutes permission for reprinting by Photoscraft. Photoscraft will not be liable for the content of any Submission and expressly disclaims all liability relating thereto.

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